Cutting-edge technology, highly-qualified specialists and interdisciplinary ties foster the development of effective treatments against diseases related to the Central Nervous System, which require or not surgical interventions to be totally healed or as a measure aimed at the prolongation of life or the improvement of its quality.

Some years ago the diseases related to the Central Nervous System, which require or not Surgical Intervention to be healed or as a palliative measure in order to prolong socially useful life and improve quality of life, represented practically inaccessible situations for most patients and/or relatives.
The development of Medical Sciences, technology and human resources in Cuba’s Healthcare System over the past years have put a different reality on the map.

There are nervous system diseases that can only be solved by means of surgical procedures. The centers that offer this program feature the technology and highly-qualified human resources so as to deal with those diseases. Experts in Neurosurgery, backed up by interdisciplinary connections, work to provide the highest quality of life for patients that need these treatments.

Services comprised by this program

  • Brain glioma
  • Endovascular treatment for brain arteriovenous malformation
  • Brain vascular malformation (Directed craniotomy and microsurgical resection)
  • Neuralgia of trigeminal nerve
  • Specialized neurosurgeries. Neuro-restoring surgery of the central nervous system
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