Medical oncology engulfs the study of and attention to medical aspects of patients that suffer from cancer, both children and adults, in an interdisciplinary way with other branches of clinical oncology: surgery and radiotherapy.

As part of Cuba’s oncology program services, patients are assessed by multidisciplinary teams made up of internists, radiologists, pathologists, hematologists, surgeons, among others, headed by a clinical oncologist, who are in charge of defining the optimum treatment depending on the diagnosis.

This program is conducted at the National Institute of Oncology and Radio-Biology (INOR is the Spanish acronym), where the results achieved in treating patients that suffer from cancer are up par with those reported by other specialized centers worldwide of renowned scientific prestige.

The program is also complemented by the contribution of Cuban scientists working at the Molecular Immunology Center (CIM is the Spanish acronym), who have developed several therapeutic vaccines that have proven to be highly efficient in treating specific kinds of tumors in lungs, head and neck, and the brain.

Services provided by the program:

  • Hospitalization
  • Multidisciplinary consults
  • Research with diagnostic objectives
  • Innovative treatments such as:
    • Therapy against lung cancer with monoclonal antibodies (CIMAVAX EGF)
    • Therapy against lung cancer with monoclonal antibodies (VAXIRA)
    • Therapy against head and neck cancer with monoclonal antibodies (NIMOTUZUMAB)
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