Kidney transplant surgery has been carried out in Cuba since 1970 and it stands out as the therapeutic modality that brings more quality of life to patients that suffer from terminal chronic kidney failure. The implant of a new kidney gives these patients prospects for their reincorporation to a practically normal life and the psychological wellbeing of not depending on artificial kidneys.

It’s a medical-surgical procedure aimed at treating patients that suffer from terminal chronic kidney failure (IRCT is the Spanish acronym). The objective is to restore the renal function by implanting a kidney, given by a donor (alive in this case), which is compatible with the patient.

This procedure help patients have higher quality of life and foster their social reintegration, which is the ultimate goal of the intervention. This program includes preoperative assessment, surgical treatment and post-operation assessment of the donor-receiver pair.

The services comprised in this program are:

  1. Assessment program for kidney transplant (receiver and donor)
  2. Kidney transplant (receiver and donor)
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