Cuba applies the most up-to-date techniques aimed at heart treating and, to do so, the country has a national cardiology network with internationally renowned specialists and cutting-edge technology in terms of surgery equipment and halls, as well as therapy units for post-surgical intensive coronary care and intensive cardio-surgical care, which allows specialists to carry out highly complex procedures.

This program mainly takes place at the Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Institute, a specialized institution, with high scientific-technical rigor, devoted to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of Heart Diseases.

The institution offers healthcare services for foreign patients with affordable prices for Third World countries. The services are based on the clinical method that has gained national and international prestige, not only because of the scienti c-technical and professional quality, but the reliability and ethics of its members, who prescribe indispensable studies in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis, never making a profit out of unnecessary medical services.

As for children Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, the procedures take place at William Soler Hospital, where hi-tech equipment and the competence of its specialists bring about significant developments on this field.

The services included in this program are:

  1. Aortic valve replacement
  2. Mitral valve replacement
  3. Double aortic and mitral valve replacement
  4. Triple aortic-mitral-tricuspid valve replacement
  5. Surgical myocardium revascularization
  6. Closing auricular septal -cia- defect
  7. Closing ventricular septal -civ- defect
  8. Aorta coartacion surgery
  9. Surgery of “pca” (persistence of artery conduct)
  10. Aneurysm of ascending aorta + aortic failure (op. Bentall)
  11. Aneurysm disecante of aorta
  12. Aneurysm of broken sinus of valsalva (ad-vd)
  13. Surgical coronary revascularization + congenital defect
  14. Surgical coronary revascularization + valve replacement (aortic)
  15. Surgical coronary revascularization + valve replacement (mitral)
  16. Programs of Cardiovascular Surgery. Pediatrics
  17. Programs of Cardiovascular Surgery. Pediatrics
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