The Ophthalmology programs are carried out at the Pando Ferrer Hospital and the Retinitis Pigmentosa International Center, highly specialized institutions in terms of the diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmological diseases, in line with therapeutic diagnostic protocols of the main diseases or Guide to Good Practice, which holds level 3 of Hospital Accreditation, both founded in the 1950s and 1970s, respectively.

Due to the experience garnered by Cuba for over two centuries of providing medical support, Cuban medical services have gained national and international prestige, not only because of the high scientific and technical quality of the human resources, but also for the reliability and ethics of these people that, based on the clinical method, prescribe indispensable means for a truthful diagnosis exempted from profits related to unnecessary medical services.

The Program includes the following services:

  • Ophthalmology assessment
  • Comprehensive ophthalmology assessment for diabetic patients
  • Assessment of retina
  • Assessment of macular diseases
  • Glaucoma. Surgical treatment. Trabeculectomy of an eye
  • Glaucoma treatment. Iridotomy of an eye
  • Glaucoma surgical treatment. Drainage device implant
  • Refractive surgery with excimer laser of both eyes
  • Pterygium surgery with graft
  • Surgery. Penetrating keratoplasty of an eye
  • Surgery. Lamellar rear keratoplasty of an eye (Endokeratoplasty)
  • Surgery. Lamellar anterior keratoplasty of an eye
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