Backed up by over two decades of experience, this program is based on the so-called “therapeutic community” approach, since when patients spend some time in a group cohabitation regimen, they tend to share their state of mind, feelings and situations. It’s all about rechanneling the system of individual, family and social responsibilities in an effort to reach two
goals: abstinence and lifestyle change.

Focused on the detoxification and rehabilitation of people that suffer from this health problem, which damages their physical, intellectual and social integrity, this program is developed in a natural environment, with the participation of a multidisciplinary and specialized medical team.

In a minimum time of three months, with the consequent recycling period, the program allows the reassessment and ratification of the therapeutics applied, thus bringing about the recovery and increase of self-esteem, social and family reinsertion and physical development. According to the research conducted throughout years of experience, there is a 45 percent recovery result. This program is supported by Cuba’s Scientific and Psychiatry Association.

The Program includes two stages:

1. Addiction rehabilitation program

  • Assessment stage : 7-day hospitalization, multidisciplinary consultancies, laboratory research, therapeutic procedures
  • Rehabilitation stage : 30-days cycles, with rehabilitating treatment, control drugs related to addiction disorders, medical summaries, conclusions and recommendations

2. Addiction rehabilitation program: Recycling

  • Hospitalization (30 days)
  • Rehab treatment
  • Control drugs related to addiction disorders.
  • Medical summaries, conclusions and recommendations
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